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 Katie Walton


Katie Walton is an artist living in Skagit Valley, WA. She converted her horse barn into an art studio of her own design where she works in ceramics and mosaics. She combines her 25-plus years of ceramics and background in painting with glass mosaics, creatively combining all three in sculptural and sectile mosaics.  She has shown in many local shows, galleries and studio tours, and she has created commissions locally and in South Africa. She has won Best of NW “Artist” in 2017 (gold) and 2018 (silver.)

Frustrated by the lack of total lack of art education in her children's school, she launched Red Barn Art Studio in 2012,   teaching after school art lessons for kids. It has since expanded into a mecca of creativity and self expression  for the community, where she offers art summer camps, adult classes, art parties, and community projects.   Classes include  painting, clay, mixed media and ceramics.  Her mission is to foster soulfulness and joy through art for  well-being of the community.

Currently, Katie is working on community collaborative art projects using the power of self-expression to help heal and connect people.
A former international tour guide, Katie has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Gonzaga University, an associate degree in visual studies from Skagit Valley College.  She is grateful to her mentors Mary Iverson, Bob Mitchell and Laurel True.

Artist Statement

 "I am driven to create art every day. It is where I find myself and express myself; it is my life’s journal. I am obsessed with two themes: place and the female spirit. Travel, architecture and the land fill me with inspiration, and I work to recreate the essence of place in my work. I combine this with my love of feminine beauty and motherhood, exalting the diverse beauty of women around the world. Knowing so many extraordinary people, and traveling  is the great continual inspiration for me, expressed through painting, clay and mosaics.   Using vivid color and texture, I express energy, feeling and cultural diversity, influenced by Spanish culture, Mexican folk art and Art Nouveau."

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"Our favorite artist and art teacher! You are a blessing to my boys and family."

Jill Bailey, Edison WA

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